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Polyurethane is a polymer formed by a reaction of polyisocyanate with a polyol. Depending on the proportions used and the use of additives it has a wide range of properties. One type of material that can be obtained is integral polyurethane.

Integral polyurethane consists of a flexilble, light and porous core and and outer, tougher, denser layer with characteristics of a closedskin structure.

Integral polyurethane can be used in multiple projects and products can vary in shape, colour, pattern and hardness. To obtain the required shape, we use special moulds made of aluminium, steel or epoxy resin. By reinforcing inner elemenets and adding specific components to the polyurethane mix, the manufacturing possibilities are increased.

Polyurethane may be of any hardness, depending on the application and product requirements. Polyurethane hardness is determined with a Shore durometer.

Product Shore hardness
Steering wheel 65-80 °Sh A
Armrest 50-75 °Sh A
Mattress 45-60 °Sh A

Table [hardness range of chosen products]  

Each product is moulded. Aluminium, epoxy resin, or steel moulds are used.

Overall of the properties of integral polyurethane:

Due to its characteristics, polyurethane is used for products in which people have direct contact with the object. It is ideal for use in the scope of safety, comfort, insulation and ergonomics making.


Aluminum mold.